Bière à la pression
Bière Pression

We propose you, all the year, to be able to rent a draw to draw the beer with the pressure, as with the coffee.

We provide you with an ice water draft as well as gas to enjoy our beers "The Drôlesse" and the "Pit'Or" at the press.

Traditional blond beer, Bavarian style, 5.6 ° Alc., In 30 liter drums for L Drôlesse, blond high fermentation with citrus notes at 5 ° Alc. for the Pit'Or.

On sale only at the brewery and take, by yourself, on site.

Possibility of delivery and installation, at the regional level for a large volume, to be defined with you.

The price of 2018 La Drôlesse is 103 € the barrel of 30 liters TTC with printer and gas included, the second you will be counted 98 €, for Pit'Or: 100 € the first and 95 € the following.

We will ask you a deposit of 600 € for the removal of the material. Settlement on return, after checking it.

The equipment loan is for the weekend, removal on Friday or Saturday, return from Tuesday or Wednesday.

We can also provide you with 25 cl goblets.

In season it is better to book a few weeks before.

For the removal of the printer and drums, a suitable vehicle and arms for installation must be provided. We will explain the operation of the machine and its implementation, a table, a plug and water are needed.

A few simple rules are to be applied if you want to avoid disappointments, drawing beer on tap is an art.

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We also sell, at the Brasserie only, mini barrels of 5 liters of different beers. (The Drôlesse, the Donzelle, the Sancerre with the Lentil and the Sans-Gêne).